Our Activities

The Association participated in numerous conferences and events outside the Kingdom of Bahrain, for example, the small volunteer forum, which was held in the Qatari capital Doha under the supervision and regulation of the Arab Union for Voluntary Work at the University of participating Arab countries.

  1. Conference disseminate the culture of voluntary work in Beirut.
  2. Ninth Conference of the Arab volunteer work in Cairo.

As well as the association of several cooperation protocols with many centers and associations of volunteer work in the Arab world, the Assembly also conducted visits to associations and teams to volunteer in the GCC countries in order to extend the bonds of brotherhood and cooperation as well as exchange of expertise and experiences and activities so as to contribute to the progress and development of volunteer work.

  1. Organized by the Committee of Friends community blood donation campaign with King Hamad University Hospital
  2. The effectiveness of volunteer Time
  3. Participation in the World Health Day
  4. Organized by the Committee of Friends community breakfast, Kerkaon for orphans in the holy month of Ramadan.